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BI Specialists, from data to decision

Esprit d’expertise” is our company motto. Literally it pervades a sense of expertise, as we strive to provide the highest value to our clients.

We emphasize on a customer-centric approach, and our mission is to connect our skilled BI specialists with you, as well as to provide strategic software that best fit your technical requirements.

We have engaged in some of the most ambitious decision-making projects in the market, and we are proud of our numerous deployments of BI projects around the world. Being in Vancouver, we are at the crossroads of digital innovation between Europe and Asia. Our company vision is to develop these international collaboration opportunities.

Maël Guiheneuf Subsidiary manager

"Taking up the lead of ADVANCED Schema North America has been an inspiring experience for me. I have seen the data usage growing faster than the agility of most current BI systems. I thrive in handling this challenge and I am keen to see the construction of a new strategic business world.

With my years of experience in BI consulting, I aim to bring our partners closer to their data and help them to streamline their business decisions."

At the crossroads of

Digital Innovation

Our Services

Consulting Audits

Improve your system consistency and scalability to maximize cost efficiency and global performance.

R&D Lab approach

Quick-look experiments to explore your ideas with our complementary software division.

Data Wharehousing

A team of result-driven and highly-committed BI specialists, we build you a reliable and scalable decision-making platform.

BI Suite

An out-of-the-box solution, our suite of BI software is generic and covers the essentials of BI needs, yet readily adaptable for advanced duties.

Decision-making requires people,

not only data

Our team

Maël Guiheneuf

Subsidiary manager

Originally from Brittany in the west coast of France, Maël inherits a nautic passion from his family. Having crossed the Atlantic on a sailboat years ago, Maël is now once again on an exciting exploration, ever so slightly differently: Since the beginning of 2015, he has taken up the lead of ADVANCED Schema North America based in Vancouver. Maël has over 6 years of experience in BI consulting, and he is ready to help maintain a smooth sail for your BI project.

Maël is also dedicated to support the French community in Canada and is one of the co-founders of BC Talent, a non-profitable association to help French expats networking and maximize their Canadian work experience.

Fabrice Haccoun

Group CEO

From an early age, Fabrice has been fascinated by engine-induced motion, be it anything that rolls, sails or flies, and he has naturally grown up to become an amateur motorcyclist. After graduating from law school, Fabrice began his career in the electronics sector, before changing gear to the IT field. Fabrice is passionate about Business Intelligence, CRM and Digital, and have since then built his career in these areas. After acting as the Commercial Director and Executive Director in two major international groups, Fabrice has recently decided to join ADVANCED Schema as a Deputy CEO to support the ambitious development of this hyper innovative company.

Apart from these, Fabrice is very involved in citizen action. He was an advisor for two former ministers of the French government cabinet, he is a reservist colonel in the National Gendarmerie (civilian army) as well as a consular judge. On top of these, for 15 years he has been volunteering his time to help young people from modest background to gain access to employment opportunities.

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